CAIR Chicago’s Christina Abraham’s Interview transcript

Christina Abraham, CAIR ChicagoRead the full interview transcript of an interview with Christina Abraham, Civil Rights Coordinator of the Council of Arab Islamic Relations (CAIR), disclosing their organization’s position on demanding the firing of DePaul Professor Tom Klocek’s firing. (Video and audio recordings of this interview also available courtesy of Walking Eagle Productions.)


23 Responses to CAIR Chicago’s Christina Abraham’s Interview transcript

  1. GIL RASKE says:

    Did Prof. Klocek give his middle finger to the SJP/CAIR/UMMA??? Or didn’t he??
    IF HE DIDN”T, they better be justified for causing this ruckus! Pain and Suffering in
    front of a jury goes a long way.

  2. Grant Crowell says:

    Hi Gil, and thanks for offering your comment. What you described is the allegation made by the Muslim groups that Klocek flipped them off with his middle finger. Klocek has said that the allegation is false. He claims what actually happened is after the Muslim student groups asked for his name and if he was a professor at the university (he confirmed “yes” both times), they wanted to continue pressing an arguement, to which Klocek flicked his thumb against his chin, an Italian gesture that means “I’m outta here.” (Something, to mention, that U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia has done in public as well.) You can also hear Klocek’s statement on the scenario first-hand in the video and audio links to a speech of his, which is in the very first blog post here.

    Both CAIR and the 2 Muslim student groups originally claimed they had witnesses to seeing Klocek give the middle finger, however CAIR has since admitted that they based it on the heresay of the Muslim student groups (who have not brought a single witness to back up their allegations). Is it possible that any of the students did not properly pay attention to what Klocek actually did? Maybe. But is it plausible that all of the students from both Muslim grops would claim they saw that exact thing, yet not a single other person did (including the school security the student groups originally claimed that were there to restrain Klocek)? I certainly don’t think so.

  3. Tanya says:

    I have a question, is Christina Abraham a muslum?

  4. QARIWA says:


  5. Grant Crowell says:

    No, Christina is a Christian, I know this for a fact.

  6. Tanya says:

    If Chritina claims to be a Christian, than why does she wear a head scarf from time to time like a Muslum? She should be ashamed of herself.

  7. Natalina Dankha says:

    no she’s not muslim, she’s from a Christian family. she wears a scarf in mass like every other assyrian female. what a dumb question,.

  8. nora says:

    Someones religious preference should be none of your business. It’s a decision be you and God. We wear head scraves during our Holy Mass as respect for the the Word of God in our Christian Church.

  9. Tanya says:

    If you look at the picture at the link I posted, that isn’t how Assyrian women wear their scarves.

  10. natalina dankha says:

    she works as a civil rights activist and wears the scarf out of respect when she enters their surroundings, ignorant people like you really need better things to do with their time.

  11. Crystal Solayman says:

    Tanya, have you heard of Christiane Amanpour? An Iranian (Christian) journalist who where’s a Muslim scarf to cover her head when ever she travels into the Middle East? why? The same reason Christina does. You asked a question, and you got an answer. Now you’re acting like you knew it to begin with. If you’re so curious, please ask her yourself, I’m sure she’ll be glad to enlighten you.

  12. Fadi Ahmad says:

    Crystal can not compare between a journalist and an activist , christine Amampour is a respected jounalist and Ahristina Abraham an activist working for such terörist.organization the aim is to destroy usa ,,
    Crystal ..I like to ask you you a quetion ,
    would you allow a moslim to rank # 2 spot in your church ?
    christina is a moslim for sure ..

  13. Fadi Ahmad says:

    Christina .
    I like to write to you about the job you do for muslim people living in Usa , being muslim my self and living in USA for many years i did not notice or hear any descrimintations against me or my family or any muslim in the usa ,, American people are wonderful people , We were allowed to worship freely , were allowed to build over 1600 mosuqe to date in less than 40 years , Muslims in USA were allowed to buld many many islamic schools ,Islamic organizations which taught our muslim students to hate infidels ( Al kafara ) not to celebrate their national holidays ,not to trust them even not to shake their hands not to make them freinds , not to intermerriage with them unless convert to Islam , taught not say hello to them , we were allowed to convert many prisners to islam and many of them ended up fighting us in Afganistan and Iraq and else where ,
    In my next letter i will compare the American fair justice system with Islamic unfair treatment with their minority ,plz reply to my letter back , thank you sister christian ,, god bless you ,
    sincerly .
    Fadi Ahmad … a recent convert to christianity ..

  14. shelly says:

    Crystal, christian amanpour wears that scarf because she is in middle eastern territories. you do not have a choice to wear a hijab in some places in the middle east.they MAKE you wear it but no one made christina abraham wear it especially since shes in america. she wore it because she WANTED to. christian amanpoure doesent CHOOSE to wear it or not. she HAS to because she is in THERE contry. and trust me if christian amanpour was given the option she wouldent wear the hijab.

  15. Fadi Ahmad says:

    Christina Abraham .
    Read this article about how christians are treated in the moslim world and compare how moslim treated in this great country ,Persecuted Christians
    Members of one of Iraq’s minority faiths face new repressions and discrimination after the fall of Saddam’s regime

    Monday, Sep. 20, 2004
    When Keis Isitfan headed home from work one recent night, he had reason to watch his back. As a laundry worker for the U.S. embassy inside Baghdad’s green zone, he risked being attacked by insurgents targeting Iraqis who work for the U.S. But there was another source of anxiety: Isitfan, 27, is a Christian and, like others of his faith, is facing growing hostility from hard-line Islamic groups who accuse
    Christians of being sympathetic to the Western occupiers.

    As Isitfan was driving home on Sept. 7, his worst fears came true. After he left the green zone, two cars pulled up alongside, and attackers inside opened fire. Four bullets hit Isitfan, who died on the street. His family, convinced Isitfan was killed for his faith, plans to flee the country. “Christians in Iraq are weak,” says his sister Layla, a translator for the U.S. embassy. “All they can do is leave here, like we will do.”

    Between 10,000 and 30,000 of Iraq’s 800,000 Christians have fled the country since the fall of Saddam Hussein’s regime, according to Christian
    groups in Baghdad. Although Christians make up only about 3% of Iraq’s 25 million people, the U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees has said they account for about 20% of the refugees fleeing Iraq for Syria. They are escaping a climate of violence and a surging Islamic radicalism that have made the practice of their faith a deadly enterprise.

    The worst moment came on Aug. 1 when Islamic insurgents – most likely connected with terrorist leader Abu Mousab al-Zarqawi, according to Iraqi
    government officials – attacked five churches in Baghdad and Mosul with car bombs, killing a dozen people. While Muslim authorities in Iraq widely condemned those attacks, local Christians say security has continued to deteriorate. Says Layla Isitfan: “If I can’t go to church because I’m scared, if I can’t dress how I want, if I can’t drink because it’s
    against Islam, what kind of freedom is that?”

    Like the larger insurgency targeting U.S. troops and the new Iraqi government, the campaign against Christians appears to be becoming more organized. Sa’ad Jusif, a Chaldean-Assyrian Christian, was kidnapped on Sept. 8, according to Dr. Munir Mardirosian, who heads a political party for Armenian Catholics in Baghdad. His captors showed
    him a list of 200 names, most of them Christian, and demanded to know where they lived. When he refused, he was hung from the ceiling and beaten with iron pipes. He was released only when his family paid a $50,000 ransom on Sept. 13. He left the next day for Jordan. Says Mardirosian: “If they opened the doors to America or Australia, I can say there would not be one Christian left in Iraq.”

    The violence in Iraq threatens one of the world’s oldest Christian communities, dating back 2,000 years. The population includes Chaldean Assyrians (Eastern-rite Catholics who recognize the Pope’s authority); Assyrians, who form an independent church; Syrian Catholics; and Armenian Catholics. Under Saddam, Christians coexisted more or less amicably with the Muslim majority. Easter services were broadcast on state television, and Christians were allowed to own and operate liquor stores.

    Christians today keep a low profile. While most of the anti-Christian violence has been committed by a small group of Islamic extremists, Christians say they are encountering rising anger among their Muslim neighbors. Layla Isitfan says taxi drivers have insulted her when they realized she was Christian, in some cases saying all Christians should be shot and killed. At work, she wears a Muslim head scarf and tells colleagues that she is Muslim. Raja Elias, a Syrian Catholic in Baghdad, says that recently a neighbor began to dump garbage on her front porch. When Elias complained, the neighbor said, “You are a Christian, and I can put it inside your house if I want to.”

    With so many other problems to contend with, the new Iraqi government hasn’t done much to protect Christians. Businesses traditionally owned by Christians, such as liquor stores and beauty salons, have been regularly vandalized by Islamic fundamentalists who some suspect may be loyal
    to Shi’ite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr. Elias, who ran a dental clinic in central Baghdad before the war, recently asked the Health Ministry to reopen it. But she was told to work in Sadr City, the seething Shi’ite slum dominated by al-Sadr’s men. So her clinic remains shuttered. “I think they
    will come for me sooner or later,” she says.

    For Iraqis like Elias, the best option is to leave. Many Iraqi Christians say their reversal of fortune has been especially disappointing given the backing the Bush Administration receives from evangelical Christians. “Why did the U.S. come here?” asks Mardirosian, the Armenian-Catholic
    leader. “To protect the Christians or allow others to kill them?”

    – With reporting by Samantha Appleton/Baghdad

    From the Sep. 27, 2004 issue of TIME magazine

    Who are the Christians of Iraq?

    Christian Exodus from Iraq sep. 28, 04

    Up Dated List of Assyrians Murdered Sep.27, 04

    Christians Fleeing to Syria Sep.27, 04

    Itaq’s persecuted Christians Sep. 20, 04

    The Looming Danger in Kirkuk Sep. 17, 04

    Kurds pour into Kirkuk sep., 15, 04

    Recent history of the Assyrians of Iraq by Jonathan Eric Lewis

    christians determent not to be driven out of Iraq Sep., 14, 04

    Adventist Church Attacked in Baghdad Sep. 11, 04

    The Fate of Iraq’s Christians sep., 10, 04

    Kurds Human Chess Game

    Iraqi Christians seek sanctuary in ancient homeland

    Blast Hits Churches Across Iraq, 11 dead Aug., 1, 04

    Children Murdered

    Sisters Killed

    Restoring the Past

    The Last Assyrian

    Contributions to the Arab civilization

    Languages provide a religious connection

    Syriac Documents

    Uprooting of the Assyrians

    No financial aid to the Christians.

    Christians leaving Iraq

    British Parliament Debates the Assyrians of Iraq

    Children kidnapped

    Assyrians Fearing Persecution.

    Kurds efforts to marginallize the Assyrians

    Caught Between the Islamists and the Evangelists

    Christians Asking for Protection

    Iraqi Christians flee to Syria

    Terrorists Blame the Crusaders

    Iraq’s Church Bombers vs. Prophet Muhammad

    Faith Under Fire

    Iraq’s Disappearing Christians

    Iraq Urges the Christians to Return Form Exile

    Future of Iraq’s Christians

  16. Sam A says:

    Just wanted to clear one thing for everyone, Christina Abraham is a Christian. She is my first cousin, nothing against Islam, I have lots of Muslim friends and I have lots of respect for them and what they believe in.

    God Bless

  17. Natalina Dankha says:

    fadi and shelly, or should i call you dumb and dumber, nobody WANTS to wear a scarf? only a moron. she wore the scarf out of RESPECT. If I were to go to a Jewish temple, i wouldn’t wear revealing clothes, why? RESPECTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT. if a jew or a muslim were to come into my church where I pray…I’d expect them to wear a scarf just like i do….why? RESPECTTTTTTTTTTT

    PLEASE, please please please pleaseee go find something else better to do.

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