Multimedia library on Tom Klocek

Here is a starter link list to video and audio archives of interviews and speeches on Thomas Klocek, the DePaul University Professor suing his administration for wrongful terminiation of his teaching job.

Thomas Klocek speaks at Chicago Republican Jewish CoalitionTom Klocek


  • Supporter Jonathan Cohen, Tenured Mathematics Professor at DePaul University – video, audio, and transcript (October 2005).
  • Attorney John Mauk, of Mauk and Baker Law Offices – video, audio, and transcript (October 2005).

Council of Arab Islamic Relations (CAIR) – Chicago

CAIR Chicago is the advocacy group which made its demands to the DePaul Administration to fire Tom Klocek.

  • Interview by Grant Crowell of Walking Eagle Productions with CAIR Chicago’s Civil Rights Coordinator, Christina Abraham, on the Thomas Klocek firing – video, audio, and transcript.

One Response to Multimedia library on Tom Klocek

  1. bob kunst says:

    We rally for Israel and Against Obama/Emanuel on Aug. 9, 2009, Noon to 3P.M., Daley Plaza, Chicago, by the Picasso statue. No 2-states, No division of Jerusalem, No freeze on Jewish communities, No nukes for Iran, No funding of terrorists from EU, UN, Obama. my number is 305-864-5110

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